Romanov’s Life of Kaira

Nicholas II and family
Nicholas II and family (Photo credit: OlestC)

In a story that’s so similar that it’s not even funny, a man who grows up with the Romanov family stabs them in the back.

How dare he.

Not Another G-Rated Movie

Disney pincess
Disney pincess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fed up with the adults who watch G-rated Disney movies instead of “adult” TV shows, a filmmaker and two friends decide to reeducate the entire population of California over what is appropriate for kids to watch and what adults shouldn’t be watching.

to be continued…

The Immortal Mortals

This Immortal
This Immortal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the future, a group of young elves go to New York and convince a young human to help them save their parents.

Long story short: Elves rule, humans drool!

The End.