An Unfortunate Life

International Library of Children's Literature
International Library of Children’s Literature (Photo credit: Cloganese)

King: Corrie-Anne, there are some humans lurking around on our island. I want you to go to them and learn everything about them.

Corrie-Anne: Do I have to? I mean, I was found by your people when I was a baby and I grew up here. I don’t want to go there and then find out that I myself was a human and be forced to decide whether I should stay with them or come back home.

King: Do as you’re told, girl!

Corrie-Anne: Yes, sir.

(she spends 6 months in Los Angeles, California and then returns home)

King: Corrie-Anne? (she shows up wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, a pair of pink shorts, and a pair of sandals)

Corrie-Anne: Hey wassup dudes? Y’all won’t believe where I’ve been! I went down to LA and ate it all up! Man, it was SWEET!!

Hana: What did you do to her?

Roz: She went out a kid and now she’s back talking street! Damn humans!

Corrie-Anne: (to Roz) How you doin’?

King: Oh, why did I send her to stay among humans?

The end…or is it?


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