FAWM song – My Greatest Regret

he shot me and i fell, never to rise again / as i bleed my life out, i wonder how did it all come to this / they made fun of him, but i said not a word / my parents told me not to interfere in anyone else’s business / so i kept my head down and went on my way / but little did i know that at moment of my choice / i had sealed my own fate, so i’m getting what i deserved

they beat him and they bullied him, and no one reached out to help him / he cried for help, but they turned up the volume on their own selfishness / and ignored the rotting smell of abuse; for that, we should all rot in hell

if i know now what i should have known then / maybe i would have help him out / but i did not, and so, this is my fate / if i wasn’t so selfish and wrapped up in my own life / then maybe i’d still be alive today…

One day, that same boy had had enough of the teasing, and it wasn’t going to end / so he showed up at school shooting up the place, causing chaos everywhere / no one knew that this could have been prevented if only they helped that boy / and because they failed to stand up for him, they’re getting what they deserve…

but someone did get shot that day, someone is paying the ultimate price / who paid the price for the deed with their blood / who is the one who is suffering / the answer to that question is (and this is very sad) it was me / me, the girl who ignored him and went about my life / I was just 15 years old, and guess what? I DIED!!

i can’t believe that this is happening to me / i can’t be dead; i’m only 15! / i’ve got a life to live, i want to go on that date tonight, i want to hang out with my friends / but i’m lying cold and dead on the floor with people screaming around me, they don’t even know that i’m dead / and all i worry about is that little boy, who was so cruelly tormented all these years / what would have happened if i just simply helped him out? i’ll never know the answer to that question because i am now dead.

oh God, what have i done to deserve this? why am i the one to die? / all i did was mind my own business; i didn’t do anything wrong, but this isn’t right / my parents are crying, my brother is sad, my friends are asking themselves why did this happen, how could this happen to me / it was because I never thought that this could happen to me / they did not know that it was because i ignored the boy and now i’m paying for it with my own life.

God, i’m sorry, just give me another chance / this time, i’ll get it right / i promise to help those who are downtrodden, even if everyone else doesn’t care / if i see the boy again, i’ll reach out to him / ignoring him isn’t worth my life…

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