And Now For Some Creepypasta…

The Vampires of Venice
The Vampires of Venice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plot: One night, a group of students investigate a restaurant haunted by a vampire.

That night was when my life changed forever.

And not for good.

As you can see, my idiotic friends had this very stupid idea to go inside that restaurant. The restaurant, which was once successful during the 1970’s, had since fallen into a disgraceful decline. Many people claimed that a vampire had invaded the restaurant and killed most of the customers who dined there. Of course they couldn’t prove anything, since the dead bodies were actually mannequins, but there was a general opinion that the restaurant was haunted by a vampire.

But we just HAD to go into the place!

I saw that there were so many cobwebs that it could pass for a haunted house. But luckily for us, there were no spiders present. The place was untouched, as if time itself didn’t affect it. I swore that I saw the vampire walking around, as it was sunset when my friends and I went into the restaurant and none of us thought to bring flashlights.

I wanted to tell the others to ruin, to get out of there, but my tongue froze in my mouth. I had taken years of abuse for being a “tattletale” and a “chicken“. My parents were ashamed of me; they told me repeatedly that they didn’t raise me to get other kids in trouble.

But if I had just said something, all of this could have been avoided.

Anyway, I saw that not only was there no vampire in the restaurant, there was some creepy person there, and he was angry that we had invaded his hiding space. We all began to scatter; two of my friends made it out safely, but three of us did not. My other friends tried to hide in a booth, but they were quickly covered up in cobwebs.

I was the only one left.

I turned to escape, but the person caught me. I didn’t know if the person was a man or a woman. But what happened next will make you shiver.

The person captured me and I found myself being dragged away from the door and into a dark room full of cobwebs and no windows. I knew that had I said something, none of us would be in this situation.

So that’s the story. And if you want to know what happened to the other two children who escaped from the restaurant, don’t bother.

As for me and my friends, no one would ever see us again

The end.