Comic Books Come to Life

CC No 22 Pathfinder
CC No 22 Pathfinder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are times in my life
When I want to escape
And hide in my comic books.

Why do I want to escape?

The world is a cruel place
For those who are different
No one really cares if you are alive
Yet, they force you to live
purely for their own entertainment.

If only my comic books were to come to life,
Then I would be free
Because unlike the real world,
The characters in the comic books don’t care if you’re different.

Why shouldn’t this happen?

I think that it would be better for everyone
That those who are different
Can use the power to make others see
That they’re not as different as everyone else thinks.

Until the day comes
When comic books come to life
I’ll just hide away
And pretend that the world doesn’t exist.