Stranger on a Strange Planet

A View of Earth from Saturn
A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

I once had a dream about leaving the Earth behind and cruising among the stars.

And the funny thing was, though, that dream ended up coming true.

Now, I woke up on a strange planet that is like the world that I once lived on, but it is so very different from Earth. The atmosphere is quite thin and the air seems to be gray. How did I get to this place, anyway?

I saw the spaceship I was in a few hours earlier lying a few feet away from me. The ship was egg-shaped and was once in average condition before it crashed. The interior had a futuristic look and was done in colors that reminded you of a cherry tree. I shuddered to myself, wondering if I had really crashed-landed on this planet in that spaceship.

Just then, I heard voices, and then my companion came out of the spaceship. He was a bit older than my 12 years, if not taller. He had brown hair and brown eyes, yet, his skin color was a bit darker than my pale skin color. He was also hunchbacked. He said to me, “I guess we’re not on Earth anymore.”

“No, we’re not,” I said as I looked around me some more. The land seemed pretty arid, as if we were at the edge of a desert. But it wasn’t a desert at all. I felt strangely out of place; I was wearing a faded sweater and a pair of ripped pants. A bright red scarf adorned my neck.

I found myself sitting near the spaceship, wondering about what I should do next. Were there other beings on this planet who I could talk to? Were any of them friendly? Would I be able to effectively communicate with them?

Just then, I saw a strange girl approaching me. I had a history of being shy around girls, no thanks to the so-called “family” who raised me. They wouldn’t let me talk to anyone at all unless they were there with me.

But I saw the girl, and she was unlike any girl I had ever seen. First off, her hair was pink. Who has pink hair, anyway? She had orange skin and purple eyes. I saw two boys with her. One of the boys also had orange skin, but his hair was green and his eyes were the color of diamonds. The other boy had skin that was the color of the sun, and his hair was gold and his eyes were the color of the sky just before dawn. They were all staring at me, and I felt like I was being put on display.

In short, I was a stranger on a strange planet

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