School Bus Drama

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English: A Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner HDX school bus belonging to Portland Public Schools of Portland, Maine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know why I keep riding on the school bus. I don’t know why I keep subjecting myself to this unnecessary crap. I don’t know why I don’t just ask for my mother to give me a ride to school. (The excuse was, “People who ask their parents for rides to school are stupid, childish, and immature” and I wasn’t going to be that type of person at all. Not if I could help it.)

So, why do I keep subjecting myself to this tremendous place known as the school bus?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been overhearing gossip about some girl’s abusive home life. How she never came to school most of the time and when she did, she was dressed in ragged clothes and her hair was never combed. I had last seen her being taken away from her house yesterday by Child Protective Services and everyone on the bus was discussing her possible fate.

Not me. I usually stay out that kind of stuff.

Or what was the story about some guy hooking up with another guy, which no one on the bus could stop talking about? To me, guys kissing guys is just gross and unnatural, and it is wrong to think that this is funny. I wish I could say something to make them stop talking about it, but I’m not trying to get involved here.

I just want to get home with my sanity intact.

But the gossip keeps going, and the kids are now talking about that young substitute teacher that was in their science class today. I wondered what happened to the regular science teacher and why he wasn’t in school. Did he get sick or anything like that? Was there some sort of family problem that he had to take care of? I really don’t need to get involved with this crap.

I wonder why I didn’t bring my headphones with me and listen to music on my tape player. Mom had promised to get me an iPod for my birthday, but my birthday isn’t for a few more months. Plus, if everyone on the bus knew that I was still listening to my music on my tape player, I would never hear the end of that story.

So, I suffer silently as the school bus continues on.

Within a few minutes, the bus pulls up at my house and I step out of it, breathing a huge sigh of relief. I was glad to get away from the bus and the kids who populated it. I was hoping to get this unnecessary drama off my shoulders so I can concentrate enough to do my homework.

But little do I know that come the next morning, I’ll be back on the school bus and the crap will start up again. Why do I keep tormenting myself?


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