Kiss & Make Up

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Now this is a tale about a boy named Kristofer Carlstone and a girl named Treasure Dara and the things they went through.

It all began, as most stories do, with a rumor. The rumor in question was that Kristofer and Treasure had secretly been dating and had broken up over the last weekend. Dina Barnes, the gossip in question, was stirring up nothing but trouble, and no one hesitated to tell her that.

“If you ask me, she’s starved for attention,” Treasure’s friend Anastasia Elan snapped as soon as she received word of the rumors about Treasure. They were sitting in the courtyard of the school. It was lunchtime, and scores of students were standing around, talking. Hopefully, talking about Treasure.

“What does she know, anyway?” Jade Jamison chimed in. “I think that she’s just jealous of us being friends with the boys, and she has nothing better to do than to make up rumors that we’re dating them.”

“Why would we date Andrew and Kristofer?” said Treasure. “We’re just friends, when last I checked.”

“Besides, friends don’t let friends date friends,” said Jade. “That’s silly. There are other people out there for us to date.”

“Plus, we’re in high school, so we have to deal with these senseless rumors,” said Anastasia. “When will this all end?”

“I swear to God, if I hear one more rumor about me and Treasure, I’m going to punch Dina in the face,” Kristofer snapped as he and Andrew Limpett sat in the library. “And I don’t care I if we get suspended for it either.”

“Dina is addicted to attention,” said Andrew. “It’s like she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Her craving for attention is like someone is on drugs. If only we could make her stop spreading these rumors once and for all, that would be great.”

Well, to make a long story short, the kids pulled the mother of all pranks on Dina by setting her up with Lester Schmidt, who was one of the most flamboyantly gay boys in the school. Within a week, Lester had broken up with Dina in front of the entire school, no thanks to a well-founded rumor about her reading other people’s journals and exposing their private lives on the Internet.

“So, Dina, how does it feel, knowing that you were the target of a rumor?” Treasure mocked her as the others laughed. “Not fun, right? Well, you brought it upon yourself.” Dina glared at Treasure; she was going to make her and her friends pay for running her life.

But the story was called “Kiss and Make Up“, which was exactly what had happened during the course of the story. while Dina was stuck with Lester, Temmy Bennett and Jeremy Vicente had hooked up under the radar. No one knew about the hookup until three weeks had passed.

As for Treasure and Kristofer, they never did date each other.

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