Stage Fright

The six main characters from Dance Academy
The six main characters from Dance Academy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was the night of the big debut of the play Diary Of An Artist, and everyone was there.

Darryl Mattingley, Brayden Douglas, and Abigail Gullifer were pacing the dressing room, where everyone else was getting ready to do the play. Even though none of them had gotten the parts of the main characters, they were nervous all the same.

“I can’t believe that we have to do this play,” said Darryl. “What’s so great about it?”

“It was based off a 1950’s book by some obscure writer,” said Abigail.

“Why is it that all our plays are based off obsolete books?” said Brayden. “What do they have against modern-day books?”

“Who knows?” said Abigail. “Anyway, why are you guys so nervous? It’s not like we’re playing the main characters; it’s just bit parts. No one is going to notice the bit players, just the main characters.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” said Brayden. “You tell me that the audience is going to notice only the main characters and not the bit characters. How is this even going to be possible if we’re on stage?”

“There are more bit characters in the play than the main characters,” said Abigail. “You know that Coby Roberts and Madisyn Nobbs have to be completely perfect because they’re the main characters. But will the audience care ne bit about you, me, and Darryl?”

“They will, the moment that we mess up and stuff,” said Darryl. “They will think that we messed up just to upstage Coby and Maddie.”

“Not unless we do our parts right and to the letter,” said Brayden, “and even then, who’s going to want to pay attention to us?”

“Will you two just clam up for a second here?” Abigail snapped at them. Brayden and Darryl stared at her, ashamed of themselves. “First off, stop worrying about how everyone’s going to notice you; in fact, they’ll be much too busy watching the rest of the play to notice you. Second, stop comparing yourselves to the main actors. Thirdly, stop worrying about upstaging anyone; no one is going to care about what you do. Now let’s get out there with all we got and impress the audience!”

They had no idea that as Abigail was lecturing them about their stage fright, the play had just begun and they were the only ones still in the dressing room. “We have to go now!” Abigail hissed as she raced for the backstage area. Brayden and Darryl stared at each other, then headed for the backstage area. They were still wondering if they were going to succeed or mess up the play.