Twinned Twins

Photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And now for a short article about twins:

Ever since the first twins were born, we have had a love/hate relationship with twins. Why? Well, who knows? Then again, there are twins out there in the world and as such, most of them have gotten a bad rap in the last few centuries, especially if one is the “good twin” and the other is the “bad twin”.

Well, here’s a list of twins who we just love to hate:

  1. Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia Organa: you either hate these guys or love them. There’s no getting around it.
  2. Fred & George Weasley: say what you will about them, but they are like two peas in a pod.
  3. Jaime & Cersei Lannister: if these two had learned to curb their desires for each other, their family wouldn’t be in the big pile of crap that they are in.
  4. Jacob & Esau: proprietors of the most expensive meal in recorded history. (Esau sold his birthright to Jacob just to get some stew)
  5. Apollo & Artemis: well, you can pretty much figure out the rest.

However, that’s only a short list of twins. There are several more twins that I have written about in my stories, and as soon as I can sort out who the twins are, I’ll post them in a second short essay.

Anyway, here’s my opinion about twins: to be honest, though, being a twin isn’t easy, as no one will have an easy time telling them apart. In high school, I was friends with TWO sets of twins, if that is to be believed. Also, I’m just glad that I’m not a twin because I wouldn’t want someone who looked like me hanging around. That kind of gets annoying after a while.

Well, there you have it. Feel free to comment and share your knowledge about twins.