Escape from Magic

Magical books
Magical books (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kaylen slipped away thinking to himself why do the other kids call me a freak? I know I am not a freak. I just touched the ball and it melted. Why do things like this always have to happen to me?

~from “The Fairy Mage


I don’t like magic.

Wait, scratch that.

I absolutely despise magic.

I have never touched anything having to do with magic, nor have I read any of the Harry Potter books. I have yet to read the Lord of the Rings even though everyone tells me that I would totally enjoy the book. I just don’t do magic at all.

Yet, the magic seems to want to get me.

I can’t tell you how many times that I was chased by some troll or fairy. I need several extra pairs of hands to count how many times that a wizard or a witch had captured me. I want this to end now.

I just want to be a normal boy, thank you very much.

Anyway, I’m walking around the park, knot knowing what to do with myself. Once again, the kids managed to call me a freak. All I did was touch a ball. A ball, out of all things. Balls don’t melt when you touch them. That’s insane.

But it happened to me.

I wish that this magic stuff never existed; maybe then I could be the normal kid that I always wanted to be. But I know that deep down inside, being normal wasn’t for me. I have tried to be normal, but normal doesn’t work like that. How do you expect to go through life as a freak?

I’m 14 years old; I’m too old for silly magical games.

Anyway, I’m almost at my house. Maybe I could convince my parents that I’m sick and I need to lie down. They would understand me. It’s not easy being different from everyone else.

But I wasn’t even going to make it home; two guys came up behind me and said, “Aren’t you that magic kid that everyone’s talking about?”

I gasped in horror as I saw the two men standing behind me. I knew that I couldn’t fight them, and I’m not so sure if I’m going to be able to run from them either. But before I could scream, the bigger of the two caught me. He said, “Our master said to take you down without a struggle, and without a struggle you will go. Bind his hands!”

Well, this is kind of ironic. I spent my whole life avoiding magic and look where it got me. Now I’m being kidnapped by two magicians. This is just great.

I don’t even like magic to begin with.