Ode to Tommy Westphall

Tommy Westphall
Tommy Westphall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s an ode to a boy
Who has done more in his life than most of us ever will
In his mind he created a world
A world that only exists to him

He stared into his universe as if he was God Himself
He brought together so many characters
How can something like this happen
To someone like him and no one else?

He and I are not so much different
I too connect the worlds that I create
The characters all seem to know each other
There are no strangers here

Is this life taking place in his head?
Is the universe his playground?
What is the point of all of this?
Is this the end of television as we know it?


As we all know, Tommy Westphall was seen in the series finale of the medical dramaSt. Elsewhere“. He was playing with a snow globe, which contained a replica of the building of St. Eglius. It was implied that the entire TV series was all in Tommy’s head. Plus, with scores of characters from “St. Elsewhere” appearing in many other TV shows, many people have claimed that there is an entire universe that existed only in the mind of Tommy Westphall. Amazing, isn’t it?