A Dress for Halloween

I then noticed a package on my bed. A note next to it detailed that I would be wearing the dress to the ball tonight. I opened the package and saw a huge dress that would certainly wake up the color in my eyes. This is a regal baby-blue Jacquard gown covered with cobweb designs. The sleeves are billowing and the trailing skirt is bedecked with tiny blood-red gemstones. With the dress went a pair of matching shoes, gloves, and a mask that was decorated with tiny blood-red gemstones.

I was nothing else if but shocked at this. Who on earth would give me such a dress like this?

~chapter 14 of Life, Sin, & Blood

I could hardly believe my eyes. A fancy dress for a fancy ball? I had never been to a ball before, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Anyway, I have had a love-hate relationship with dresses the way I have a love-hate relationship with school. I always make straight A’s, but my mother didn’t want me to be a “smart” girl. I like to wear t-shirts and jeans, but my mother wanted me to wear dresses, especially the short and strapless kind. I hated those kinds of dresses and thought that girls who wore those dresses were “starving for attention“, to put it lightly.

But I did have to wear a dress whenever LaDonna threatened to take away my reading privileges.

Who was I kidding? I never liked dressing up and I despised going to dances. First off, I don’t dance, and second, my dancing skills were as good as a crippled man trying to walk. But I had to go to the dance anyway. I usually spent that time with Ava, Grace, and Alex in a corner of the gym, making fun of those who actually came to the dance to have fun.

I continued to stare at the dress, thinking about the dresses that I once was forced to wear. Most of them were destroyed in the fire, leaving a few useful dresses and not much else in terms of other clothes. (for once, I’m glad that Aunt Cheri took me shopping to get some new clothes.) I wondered to myself should I wear it or not. I thought maybe the dress would be a perfect fit or it would make me look like a whale. I could put on the tackiest outfit on the face of the earth and still look great, but would I be willing to take that chance.

I took the dress and went to the bathroom to try it on. I just knew that somehow I could be the belle of the ball. That was, if I didn’t embarrass myself.