From Popular Girl to Nerd Girl

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if Drew was right. Of all the idiotic things that he had to say, calling me a nerdy geek girl was the most idiotic thing that I had ever heard in my life. Since when was I a nerd? When last I checked, I used to bully nerds and geeks alike.

~chapter 18 of Life, Sin, & Blood

I can’t believe that Drew is daring to say something like this. Me, a nerd? When last I checked, I used to beat up nerds.

But that doesn’t mean anything now.

I shook my head, hoping that Drew was lying. But he wasn’t. I saw my notebook, the notebook that I had been writing in since I first came to Charleston. I had been taking notes about vampires and the history of the Norwood family, and other important things. I noticed that I wasn’t wearing as much makeup as I once was, and my clothes seemed to move from “queen bee” to “wannabe“.

Thus, we have the downfall of Nadia Rosemary Coffey, the Queen Bee of Coldcreek High School.

I always knew that Kate Prewett’s prophetic words “One day, you’re going to find yourself all alone and unpopular. No one will want to be your friend. When that happens, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself” would come back to haunt me, but doesn’t she know the quote “great empires always die from within“? I should have known that the moment I set foot outside Coldcreek, I would lose my identity.

But how did I become a “nerdy geek girl“, as Drew was so kind enough to state the obvious?

I always got good grades at school and was on the honor roll for several years. But LaDonna shook her head at my academic achievements, saying “I didn’t raise you to be a smarty-pants!” With that, I had no choice but to act dumb and lower my grades, which made my teachers angry and my 8th grade principal threatening to send me to military school if I didn’t get my grades together.

Plus, I didn’t have time for friends, as I loved learning too much. LaDonna took care of that in the forms of Ava, Alex, and Grace.

Now that Drew had made his point, I came to a realization that he was right. Once a nerd, always a nerd. And guess what? Nadia Rosemary Coffey will always be a nerd.

Now you know.