Ode to a President

English: Posthumous official presidential port...
English: Posthumous official presidential portrait of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, painted by Aaron Shikler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s one for a man
who asked everyone
not to ask what their country could do for them
but what they could do for their country

That man had the courage
to stand up for all that is good
to never back down in the face of certain danger
to never compromise his values

That man believed that
everyone should have equal rights
to live, to work, to play
and not be judged because of who they were

That man may be gone now
but his spirit lives on
begging us not to ask what our country could do for us
but what we can do for our country

Our country has a list of problems
and it demands that we solve them
so let’s put aside our petty differences
and bring this country back together