Why Being Good is Really Bad

Heroes and Villains (TV series)
Heroes and Villains (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is an essay about how being good can backfire unexpectedly.

Everyone seems to believe that good triumphs over evil. hopefully that is true. but there have been some cases when we have a hero who has a cold conscience and behaves in the worst way and there are some villains who have heroic qualities. (Think in terms of Megamind and Gru and you’ll know what I mean.)

Anyway, being good can backfire if the villain happens to show some heroic qualities, but the hero has some villainous tendencies. Plus, there are heroes who turn into villains and some villains who somehow become the heroes.

So, maybe we need to stop thinking of various characters in terms of “good guy” and “bad guy“. Do heroes and villains need to be all good or all bad?