I’m Coming Home

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next day, I go back to school and suddenly, there’s a huge commotion in the halls. Apparently, the “normal” students had influenced the student council to have-you guessed it-a Harry Potter theme at the Homecoming dance.

I had expected the students to act childish and happy that they finally got their wish of having a Harry Potter theme. After all, they got what they had always wanted, right?

For some reason, it turned out that it was the opposite. As in, there were angry students everywhere who weren’t too pleased with the decision at all. Lola was interviewing students just to get their opinions on the theme, but all they wanted to do was curse the “normal” student who swayed the student president with lies and having the theme dedicated to the whiny snot-nosed boy wizard very few people in Lochland High actually liked.

~Chapter 16 of Life, Sin, & Blood

There is a good reason why I don’t do homecoming.

I don’t know anyone who went to school before I did and with that, I feel that I am wasting my time in the frivolities of school when I could be at home reading.

But I knew that Johnathon and LaDonna would beg, coerce, and threaten me in order to make me go to homecoming. They love to show themselves off as the “perfect” family and their children as the “perfect” children. Johnathon and LaDonna would not tolerate anything less than their idea of “perfection“, which meant that I couldn’t be seen as a nerd and Drew couldn’t be himself at all. Even Chelle, my autistic sister, learned to be seen and not heard.

Anyway, I seemed to recall the last time that Coldcreek High School had a homecoming. The theme was the rather lame and useless Star Wars (which I think is a huge stain on the fabric of science fiction), and everyone came dressed as various Star Wars characters. I ended up going to the party dressed in just some jeans and a t-shirt; I didn’t bother with the dress that LaDonna made for me. I also recalled hanging out with Ava and Grace, and us sitting in a corner, doing completely nothing.

In short, that was the most boring weekend of my life.

Now that I have heard about the new homecoming theme for Lochland High, it just made me sick. Harry Potter? Really? When last I checked, no one in Coldcreek High really liked the books, and most of the kids who did like the books dropped them like a bad apple after reading Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix.

When last I checked, I only got through five chapters of Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire before abandoning the series altogether. (I’ve yet to read Twilight or the Percy Jackson books)

Anyway, back to homecoming: I don’t like the frivolities of homecoming at all. I don’t like sitting on my butt during football games, and LaDonna and I fight whenever she tries to force me into a dress. I don’t understand the point of homecoming at all.

Plus, I don’t care that I’m never going to be the homecoming queen, but that’s another story.