Friendship is Toxic?

Let us begin this story by saying that friendship is very much needed in today’s world. I’m not talking about the friends that you have on Facebook or the friends that you create in your head. I’m talking about the friends that you get while you are on your life’s journey.

Today, we shall deal with the (rather toxic) friendship that the Teen Rebels share.

As we all know, Stuart Greer, Irene Haughton, Mara Llewellyn, Pearl Tanner, and Tanya Shinnok had claimed to be friends since the fourth grade, when Tanya was mistakenly placed in their fourth grade class instead of the seventh grade. Most of the other kids did not approve of the friendship and labeled Tanya as a bully and Stuart, Irene, and Mara as rebels. Tanya herself was cruel to the kids (since she was bullied first) and she certainly showed her “friends” no favors, from slamming Mara’s decisions to wear costumes and play RPGs to Irene wearing dresses and even yelling at Stuart for his controversial views about America and its foreign policies.

BTW, a true friend stands by you and doesn’t criticize your choices. But Tanya wasn’t really a true friend, or was she?

I’m beginning to think that maybe the Teen Rebels had a toxic friendship with her.

Why am I saying this? It’s mainly because Tanya was bullied and she took it out on the kids. Plus, having a mental disability and people already making fun of you doesn’t help much; neither do people who are spreading rumors that claim that you are the bully. That’s what happened in Tanya’s case.

Anyway, the friendship was toxic mainly because Tanya kept Stuart, Mara, and Irene close to her and away from the other kids. No one was allowed to get too close to them unless they were nice to Tanya. Since very few people were nice to Tanya, namely Pearl Tanner and Marie Lewis, they were allowed to hang out with the Teen Rebels. Even then, they weren’t allowed to fully become friends with the Teen Rebels.

That was, until Tanya disappeared and the Teen Rebels quickly fell apart.

But then Shara Shinnok showed up and in her own way, she helped the Teen Rebels find their “groove” and actually becomes their friend. How she actually does that is a different story.

~~~to be continued…