Space Explorer

Orbiter is a graphic novel involving space tra...
Orbiter is a graphic novel involving space travel and the implications of bringing alien technology back to earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


They say that space is the final frontier, and that is true.

I knew that since my unscheduled space trip happened a few days ago. I had found myself on a strange planet, one that is nothing like the planet I had left behind. How did this happen?

I seemed to recall the moment Leonard and I climbed into Vincent’s spaceship and the ship blasted off, sending us hundreds of thousands of miles from our birthplace in less than sixty seconds. I opened my eyes and saw a huge blue marble in place of where our town once was. There were other planets next to Earth and even those planets were shrinking from my view.

As one of the first space travelers, I knew that one day, future generations would find out about my journey, but there were some lingering doubts about my own legacy. I had no parents or younger siblings, and for the first time in my life I regretted that. I also had no descendants to continue my family name, so (no thanks to Cuthbert and Nancy), the Summersley family is officially extinct.

But that’s not this story.

Anyway, I have seen many interesting things that most adults could only dream of and no scientist had seen before during my three-day travel. It was exciting to see so many stars and planets, comets, suns, and other amazing things that space had to offer. Why did God create such a vast universe and chose to stick humans only on Earth? I wonder if there are any intelligent beings on another planet because so far, there’s nothing but terrible human beings on Earth.

Soon, I realized that my traveling was at an end, as Leonard tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to a planet that was directly in front of us. The planet was a strange brown color, not blue like the earth. There were yellowish clouds surrounding the planet, and the clouds sucked our spacecraft into a tornado, or what appeared to be one. I gasped in horror at what was happening; Leonard and I had escaped from our oppressive homes on Earth only to die in a tornado on another planet.

But we didn’t die.

Far from dying, we both woke up at the edge of a village. Three of the villagers had found us and took us back to their home. I knew then that though my traveling days were over, but my exploring days had just begun…