Goodbye 2013

Well, the year is now over

It didn’t seem all that great

But hey, at least it’s over

So now it’s time to celebrate


Now who can forget

What Miley Cyrus went and did

We’re still too busy

Watching Star Trek Into Darkness to care


Also, we’ve dodged Sharknadoes

Fought in World War Z

Joined forces with the Man of Steel

And dropped out of Monsters University


Yes, it was the year 2013

And if we’re lucky

We get to see some romantic zombies

And learn to be gracious Hosts


So if you’re still complaining about not being able to sign up for healthcare

Don’t worry, it’s all right

Just relax and go hang out with the guys

at their Duck Dynasty


Now it’s time for 2013 to “go, go away”

Because within 30 minutes, 2014 will be here to stay!