You Fail At Life (parody of “Dumb Ways To Die” by Tangerine Kitty)

Still playing with invisible friends
Bullying people and claiming them as gay
Eating too much food so you’re overweight
Sit on the couch watching TV all day

You fail at life
That’s right, you fail at life
You fail at life-ife-ife
You totally fail at life

Feeding the trolls on YouTube
Posting spam on Facebook
Following the crowd and trying to “fit in”
Instead of standing out


Start hanging around with all the wrong people
Get a date who makes you compromise your ways
Live in the drug zone instead of working a job
Or you’re 29 and still living with your parents


Give into the sins of worthlessness
Or sell yourself for a ton of cash
Choosing to do nothing but stupid thing
Hmmm…I wonder what would happen if I posted this disgusting thing on my blog?


Dress up in your Harry Potter costume and you’re an adult during wizard hunting season
Make fun of Bronies for just no good reason
Calling all people who worship God delusional
Drive your family insane with your Star Wars obsession
Even better, don’t get out of bed at all

If you have done the following things, then…
you have failed at life
That’s right, you have failed at life
You have failed at life-ife-ife-ife
You totally failed at life
You totally failed at life
You totally failed at life

PSA: Life is too short to just sit around on your butt and do nothing. So, get off your butt, get out of the house, get a job, kiss a girl, and start doing something productive with your life!

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