Potter-Loving Idiot (parody of Green Day’s American Idiot)

anti-Harry Potter stamp
anti-Harry Potter stamp (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Don’t wanna be a Potter-loving idiot / Don’t wanna be some magic-using jerk / And why should I look like some wizard wannabe? / I’m just glad I never got that owl

They all thrive on magic and secrets / And they never leave the house without wearing robes / Can’t they just wear t-shirts and jeans like everyone else…..And you wanna know what else is funny? / Their stupid Ministry of Magic  / Can’t take them seriously at all

Well, crazy wizards are what Hogwarts exports / They treat Quidditch like it is a real sport / They think that their British accent is so cute / I can’t understand what they’re talking aboot

The wizarding world has no quality health care / nobody there knows what a Cthulhu is / And then again, they got Dumbledore…..They try to drink their weight in butterbeer / And they dream of flying their Numbus 2000s / All over Buckingham Palace

Don’t wanna be a Potterhead idiot / There’s nothing great about the magic / Just look everywhere, Potter’s hovering over us / Tell you the truth, it makes me feel suspicious

I’m tired of reading this story / They zap a poor Muggle and refuse to say “sorry” / Tell me who the heck does something like that?…..I bet that it’s a conspiracy or something / So before the Potter lovers attack us / It’s time to declare World War III!

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