Love At Second Viewing (StoryADay post)

Carrie Harrison and Tracy Powell found themselves sitting at the college coffee shop. It was noon on the date of July 2, 2009, and the regular crowd was there, just buying coffee and sitting around, chatting. Carrie and Tracy were talking about Frankie Matthews, the football player who was in their chemistry class.

“For the last time, don’t even think of setting me up with Frankie,” Carrie snapped at Tracy. “He’s not the only guy here at Dillard University who I could hook up with.”

“Come on, Carrie,” said Tracy. “Don’t write him off. I mean, he’s exactly your type. Not like that Richard Baker, who walked out on you because of his insecurities. Just who does he think he is, anyway?”

“Richard and I weren’t even dating when he left and you know that, Tracy,” Carrie snapped at Tracy.

“It wasn’t like you two were just friends either,” Tracy snapped at her. “Anyway, I know what I know and what I do know is that Richard Baker is nothing but bad news. Stop thinking about him and just give Frankie a chance.”

“Give Frankie a chance?” Carrie sputtered out in anger. “Are you serious? I wouldn’t date him if he were the last man on this earth!”

Just then, the man in question showed up. Unlike Carrie and Tracy, who both came from middle-class families, Richard Baker came from a wealthy family. Carrie had had a huge crush on him since high school, but she wasn’t alone. It seemed that every girl (except for Tracy) liked Richard Baker, but he never seemed to reciprocate any of their feelings. No one knew why he didn’t give them any attention.

Richard stood at Carrie and Tracy’s table, saying, “Carrie Harrison and Tracy Powell? Fancy meeting you two here.”

“And it’s interesting to see you here as well,” said Carrie as she continued to stare at Richard. The awkward, geeky teenaged boy that she once knew had somehow disappeared, and a handsome young man had taken his place.

“Carrie, don’t even think about it,” Tracy growled at her. “You know that there’s another man just around the corner for you…”

“Who’s this “other man” that you speak of, Tracy?” Richard said to Tracy. Tracy glared at him. “I know you, Tracy, and I know that you are a very jealous woman who cares nothing about those she hurts in the name of dating,” said Richard. “I recall the fact that you had started a rumor that forced me to leave the school and go to that private academy that I hated. Plus, I heard that Carrie went out with that loser that you set her up with, and she broke up with him after a week.”

“I know about Randy Gardner,” said Tracy, “and I know that he liked Carrie before you set foot in the picture…”

Carrie jumped in, saying, “That’s enough, Tracy. Richard decided to come and see me, not you, and I’m sure that he hadn’t gotten over what you did to him…”

As Carrie spoke to Tracy, she was beginning to realize how far down in her memory she’d buried her teenage years. She had liked Richard, but Tracy had  thrown Randy Gardner in her path and told her to date him instead.

Randy was a bully with a bad case of acne; plus he was fat and not very nice. Carrie dumped him the moment she saw him harassing a teacher and forbade Tracy from interfering in her love life.

Now Tracy was attempting to repeat this story.

“If you like Frankie so much, then why don’t YOU date him and leave me alone, ok? Please stop this; we’re not in high school anymore.” Tracy could only stare at her in shock. “Now if you don’t mind, I’m going with Richard. You can have fun with Frankie or by yourself. I’m finished here.”

Carrie and Richard then walked away from the cafe, leaving Tracy and her schemes behind. They were now free to restart their canceled romance without any interference from Tracy or anyone else.

Just then, the sound of a guitar was heard as they walked away, bringing this story to a close.

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