Goodbye To Her (StoryADay Post)

She is stalking us.

This is not good; she hasn’t stopped bothering us since Jerry broke up with her a few days ago. Jerry, Michael, and I are at a loss on what to do about Karen. On one hand, she could be just very upset that Jerry rudely dumped her, and on the other hand, she could go on a psycho rage and cause our deaths.

I’m not taking any chances with her around.

Michael took Jerry somewhere, like to some club, hoping that he would get over Karen and find some other girl. I refused to go with them, because the last thing I need is to see Jerry trying to replace Karen with some random girl.

So I decided to stay home.

Just then, I heard something outside my window. I rushed into my room and grabbed the gun that I had purchased a few weeks ago for my protection. Karen could be out there, and from the looks of it, she could possibly be planning to attack Jerry when he comes home. I clicked off the safety, swearing that if she showed her face here today, my room would be the last one she ever entered.

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