Begin with the Ending in Mind (StoryADay post)

Greater Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire (18...
Greater Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire (1882 – 1917). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The year was 1884. A man was pacing back and forth in the hall of a huge mansion. His son was with him. Like any other man, he was waiting for his baby to be born. Before we can go any further with this story, we will tell you about the history behind the story:



A man was sitting on the throne that was once occupied by the Czars. The hall was empty, save for a few servants who were working quickly to track down and return the stolen trinkets and paintings and a few courtiers who were curiously observing the throne, or rather, the man sitting on the throne.

Just how did the man end up on the throne? He wasn’t Russian royalty, nor was he related to any of the czars. So, why was he sitting on the throne to begin with?

He began to think back to a different time and place, long before all of this happened…

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