Her Private Hell (StoryADay post)

The painting,"Griselda's first Trial of P...
The painting,”Griselda’s first Trial of Patience,” depicting the kidnapping of the child as ordered by Griseldis’ husband is by the English painter Charles West Cope, 1848. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to be a friendly child. I would think nothing of stopping and chatting with neighbors on our block on the way home from school or back from the store to get milk. It is amazing how one incident with one person can change your perspective of all.

When the crazy man from down the street reached over his fence and grabbed my wrist like a snake snatching its prey, I remember feeling sick to my stomach and the intense satisfaction in his eyes as they filled mine with intense terror.

I used to think that everyone in my neighborhood was friendly; but the moment that I was kidnapped, that illusion was shattered immediately.

I will not tell you of the horrors that I had experienced at the hands of that evil man, but I suffered nonetheless.

Not to worry, though; I was rescued when a boy who witnessed the kidnapping alerted the police and raised the alarm. I was saved and the man was carted off to jail, but due to the nightmare that I had experienced, I would never be the same again.

I did once say that I was a happy child, but now, I have grown to distrust everyone. I refused to leave my house except to go to school, and I refused to speak to anyone unless I was spoken to.

As I struggled to know why that crazy man targeted me for his attacks, I also found myself realizing that that not everyone in the world was friendly, and there were people out there who wanted to hurt me for no reason. All I could do now was to pray and hope that I could see that there are more good people in the world than bad people.

If only I could go back to being the friendly child that I once was…

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