How to End an Obsession (StoryADay post)

anti-Harry Potter stamp
anti-Harry Potter stamp (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

It’s time to end this craziness.

I mean, my former wife, Molly, decided to give our two children Konnor and Hayley the Harry Potter books. I had initially objected to that, claiming that the books promoted witchcraft and were not very very good stories for my children to read. I had tried (albeit without success) to get the children interested in the Chronicles of Narnia, but Molly wouldn’t let me read those “Christian” books to my children.

Then, to make things worse, came the movies. And in my honest opinion, the movies were just as bad as the books. It pained me to see Konnor and Hayley beg me to take them to see the Harry Potter movies, and when I told them no, it pained me even more to see their faces fall apart. But I’m quite firm when I say that I would not allow Harry Potter anywhere in my house.

But their mother only indulged their useless obsession with the boy wizard, from buying them everything Harry Potter-related to letting them watch the movies and read the books. Every time they came to my house, all they could talk about was Harry Potter. It was driving me insane.

Now I had no choice but to force them to give up their obsession with Harry Potter. I know that they’re going to hate me for it now, but I have to put my foot down and tell them firmly that I will no longer tolerate them talking about Harry Potter. I shuddered at the thought of my children screaming and crying as I threw away their copies of the Harry Potter books and movies, the toys and games and bedsheets and clothes. I frowned as I imagined everything going into the trash can. But I knew that it had to be done, if not for just my sake, but for their sakes as well.

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