No Potter for Me! (StoryADay post)

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Julian Jefferson found himself regretting that he had bought into the Harry Potter hype.

But how did it all happen? How did he buy into the hype? And more importantly, what made him stop?

It had all began when a classmate named Berta Salinas had suggested that he read the Harry Potter books. “Everyone in the school is reading the books, so why aren’t you?” she said to him, mainly as a ploy to force him to read the books and obsess over them like everyone else.

For starters, Julian never really liked reading, as he usually preferred to watch TV. “Only nerds read books,” he said when Berta refused to stop bugging him about reading the books. Plus, he knew that his mother did not approve of Harry Potter, and his father carefully inspected anything that came into the family home just to make sure that the item in question was safe for the entire family to use. So sneaking the books into the house was actually out of the question.

Julian wondered how Berta actually got him to read Harry Potter to the point of near insanity. He also wondered why he started disobeying his family just so he could read some silly books.

He grew disappointed when he remembered sneaking the books into the house under his father’s nose and reading them whenever his mother wasn’t looking. He had never snuck around or lied about anything (as he made sure to maintain his good behavior), so it was a first for him.

But that didn’t mean that he wasn’t caught.

Not where it counted.

Julian had read the books long into the night, often sacrificing TV time and sleep to engross himself into Harry’s magical world. He had found himself hanging out with students who liked Harry Potter to the point of insanity. He also found himself writing Harry Potter fan fiction (which was against the rules at Nander Castle) on the family computer.

But like all things in life, it all had to end. Preferably when Julian’s parents found about his secret activities one fine day.

Julian’s mother had caught him and a girl named Britney Johnson talking about Harry Potter one day, and after a stern lecture about the importance of not giving into peer pressure, Julian was forced to get rid of the books. Julian’s father also imposed on him the importance of listening to his parents and doing whatever they said without question; plus, he told Julian that under no circumstances was he to have anything to do with Harry Potter. Julian reluctantly agreed to get rid of everything having to do with Harry Potter.

So he had to get rid of his copies of the Harry Potter books; plus all of his fan fiction had to be deleted from the computer. Julian also had to apologize to his friends Ernest Glenn, Martin Bradley, and Jenny Gardner for abandoning them in order to chase after Harry Potter.

But it wasn’t all his parents’ fault that Julian was forced to end his obsession with Harry Potter; in fact, he had read the books so many times that he began to get tired of reading them altogether. Plus, it didn’t help matters when he realized that his new friends were obsessed with Harry Potter to the point of shutting out anything that didn’t have to do with Harry Potter.

Julian soon found himself missing the excitement of TV and the Internet, so he abruptly forced himself to stop his obsession with Harry Potter altogether. Berta was upset about this and she tried to stop him, but he was firm about quitting his obsession with harry potter.

Berta found out about his decision to stop reading Harry Potter and said to him, “Are you crazy? You can’t just quit reading Harry Potter! Not while he’s still popular!”

“Try me,” he said in a voice that told her to stop bothering him and to find something more productive to do with herself.

Anyway, to make a long story short, when Julian learned that Adam Wilkins, the biggest Harry Potter hater in the school (if not the city), was forming a Harry Potter Addicts Anonymous Club, Julian decided to join in, hoping to put a huge wall between him and his desire to read Harry Potter.

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