Held Back (StoryADay post)

Joe and Jane Michaels were very upset; their daughter, Marissa, was forced to return to high school and repeat both her junior and senior years. They were especially upset to know that despite the fact that she had gotten good grades in everything, the college wasn’t going to accept her; not when the secretary of admissions noted the distinct lack of extracurricular activities that were prevalent on Marissa’s college application.

As for Marissa herself, she was very upset as well, knowing that most of her friends were moving forward with their lives, but she was stuck in high school once again. This did not make her happy at all.

She grew envious of her brother Farley, who (despite four years of screwing around in classes) was able to go to state college  and get into some huge program that guaranteed a fancy college degree. But she was angry to know that she would have to go back to high school. It was already bad enough that she barely survived four years there, but why did she have to go back?

Joe was upset to know that his most well-behaved daughter was being punished for being “a good student” while his son  who screwed around was able to go to state. This was unfair and he swore to take care of that problem immediately.

After all, no parent wants to see their kid fail.

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