Capturing the Stranger, Part 1

“Well this is interesting,” Sadie Green said as she, Shane Stone, Michael Lowery, Isaac Hammond, Paul Turner, Louis Mercer, and Terry Stewart were standing in the room. Three hours had passed since George Stewart was arrested for cyberstalking and threatening a group of minors under the age of 16 years. “How did we know Terry’s father was the Stranger?”

“I don’t think so,” said Shane. “He definitely was a patsy, as no one would believe a middle-aged man would stalk a group of teenagers. That’s something that would inspire a Lifetime Original Movie.”

“You’re right,” said Terry. “My father may be full of hate, but he would NEVER do anything like *THAT*!”

“I’ve noticed,” said Louis. “But who forced George to stalk us? What did they have on him?”

“Me,” said Terry. “You remember when he forced me to leave when I got those kids in trouble while we were at Harrison Creek Elementary School? I had to go to another school under the name Chris Michaels. Only Shane knew who I was.”

“What kind of father does this to his own kid?” said Isaac. “Wait, don’t answer that question. I just realized something.”

“What?” said Shane.

“I know who forced George to send Terry away,” said Isaac. “And Team Sescape must find them and stop them. We cannot remain silent a second longer.” The others agreed, knowing that the time had come for the Stranger to go down…

To make a long story short, Team Sescape caught 17-year-old June Jonson as she tried to flee from the city. June had gotten mad at the Teen Rebels and Terry (and Taybor) when they exposed her as a liar. (Jane was a year older than Tyler Dawson and Lucas Nelson when she was sent away from the school. Terry got her in trouble for attempting to kill the two boys in question the year before; June swore to make him pay for telling on him.) She became The Stranger to destroy Terry and his friends, and the game continued until the end of the kids’ freshmen year, when everyone in Harrison Creek High School discovered who she was and called the police.

As the Team toasted their victory, they knew that now that the game was over, they now had a brighter future. But they had to deal with the fallout of June’s evil deeds and the results that happened because of those deeds.

And that’s a different story.