Untwisting His Mind (StoryADay post)

I want to get to the source of my issues.

I don’t want to be defined by my homosexuality; that was not how I was raised. But I wonder why so many people want to embrace their homosexuality, like that’s a great thing since cartoons. I am gay, but I will not embrace my gayness.

I will not give into it.

The truth is that this world is twisted to the point that everything that was once good is now bad, and everything that is bad is now good. This makes me sick to the point of hatred.

This ends now.

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One thought on “Untwisting His Mind (StoryADay post)

  1. Hi… šŸ™‚
    As you had attached my post regarding homosexuality to this particular post, I just want to comment that my post was not about homosexuality per se, but rather about sin, its nature and essence, and how wrong understanding can push people into the error of elevating sins of behavior to a “more wrong” moral status.

    I also want to state that I do indeed believe that the topic is far more nuanced than the blurb that you posted. Generally, statements that include “everything” might be simplistic and perhaps paint with too broad a brush.

    While I think there definitely is a dialogue which could be engaged in from a biblical basis, I don’t think this is the time or place. Mainly, I am concerned that your readers would not read my post with the assumption that I was bolstering the approach and choices you mention. They are your choices to make, and not mine to judge or force feedback on you regarding. But they are not choices that I would advise or condone without much talk and consultation with friends, counselors, and the word itself.

    Having said that, please know that I will carry you in my heart, and what I perceived as your burden in life. I well understand the dilemma you see yourself in, and the emotions and feelings that go along with that. I would urge to to remember that we find the greatest fruitfulness when we are saying “yes” to Jesus, rather than “no” to sin. Saying no is indeed important, but it is like a sprinter’s approach to running a marathon.

    We become what we behold (remember 2 Cor 3:18 talks about how as we behold Jesus, we are transformed by degrees into His likeness). Focusing on the “no” to sin creates focus on the sin, and that way is a path that is littered with the bones of blessed defeat to every saint that has followed Him. We do not have the goods in and of ourselves to fight sin…but the One who DOES lives within us and will indeed do a far better job of focusing on sin, rooting it out, and building us up than we ever can.

    Bless you my friend, and I am sorry if I lectured…I walked a similar battle as is mentioned in the post, and learned some very hard lessons along the way. Now? I try to fix my eyes on Him, yield up my own preference everyday, and be pliable so He can have His way and show His will.

    There is no shame in finding a counselor that you trust and can confide in…there are good ones out there, even some great ones! My own is in that number, and I wish I had gone to her years ago!

    The glory is in knowing Him, and walking forever connected to His heart. I wish you peace and grace on your road, and as always:
    Love God.
    Love yourself.
    Love your neighbor.
    Rinse and Repeat.

    In His Merciful Grace, Charissa

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