Let’s Start a Riot (StoryADay blog post)

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My next story in the Harry Potter parody: a high school musical! (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

It all began over a book.

It wasn’t the Twilight books, thankfully, as arguments over the book tended to descend into blatant bullying. (A few weeks ago, the mayor’s wife ordered all anti-Twilight groups to cease and desist and all pro-Twilight groups to put away the books and to stop obsessing over Twilight. Both groups reluctantly complied with her demands.)

But instead of doing that, she should have pulled the plug on the Harry Potter obsession; so much trouble could have been prevented had she gotten wind of the fights that were happening between those who loved Harry Potter and those who hated him.

Garrett, Troy, and I were just sitting in the library one day, not caring about the fights that were going on. We all agreed that the Harry Potter books are utter tripe and the books aren’t the greatest things to happen in the world of literature.

Try telling that to the scores of people that we knew and they would look at us funny.

Anyway, the Harry Potter fans and the Harry Potter Haters were arguing fiercely, mainly over a fanfiction that suggested that some autistic kid must have dreamed up the entire series. I bet that the theory itself sounded like a cop-out, but then again, it had to have a grain of sense to it. After all, no one could actually write a series of books that were rotten.

I heard a Harry Potter fan saying, “That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Harry Potter isn’t fake!”

“It is if if the story’s inconsistency just keeps getting worse,” said a kid on the Harry Potter haters side.

“How can SerenityStar write that crap?” said a fan.

“It was already bad enough when she wrote that story about Harry Potter being kidnapped and murdered,” said another fan.

“It’s more realistic than the crap that any of you fantards call yourself scribbling,” said a hater.

That was it.

A few Harry Potter fans hurled themselves at the haters, who successfully sidestepped them, sending them sprawling to the floor. They quickly threw books (not Harry Potter) at the fans. Within a few seconds, what once was a bitter argument between the Harry Potter fans and haters had turned into a riot.

My friends and I all sat in our seats and watched as the riot unfolded. The entire Harry Potter display was destroyed and several other bookshelves were damaged. I could hardly believe what I was seeing; a group of teenagers and adults fighting over a silly children’s book. Part of me wanted to put an end to the riot, yet the logical thing to do was to run away from the place.

Which was what we did.

After it was all over, the news reported on the damages that were done to the bookstore. As I have said before, the Harry Potter display was destroyed and several other bookshelves were damaged. Also, scores of Harry Potter fans were arrested for disturbing the peace while the Harry Potter haters were let off with a warning.

Isn’t this nice? A group of devoted fans are arrested while those who oppose are let go with a warning? I never thought that I would see that happening. To me, this is progress. I just hope that those Harry Potter fans learn to shut up, for fan fiction is the new way that people who hate the series can deal with it without outrightly banning it.

Plus, I’m not too fond of Harry Potter or fan fiction to begin with.

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