Being Immortal

Those Whose Past Is Immortal
Those Whose Past Is Immortal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, what’s it like to be immortal?

For one thing, you’re still “alive”, even if you’re not really alive. I am definitely still “alive”, as they call it, but I know that I’m not really alive.

Not when I hunt in the night seeking blood and feasting on scores of people who society no longer desires.

Second thing about being immortal: the years that you have seen don’t exactly match your age. As you can probably tell, I am only 16 years old, even if I happen to be hundreds of years older than that initial number.

However, do not refer to me as a “teenager” or you will regret it forever.

The third thing about immortality is that no matter what the circumstances, you’re bound to see the world around you change. People die, cities are torn down and rebuilt, but you’re still the same as you were years ago.

Suppose that I’m not immortal. What would happen then?

Well, we wouldn’t be talking to each other, because I would have already been dead for years before you were even born. I’ve been living forever as a vampire longer than most adults have been alive. I have seen many wars and such and I waited for my own death, but at the end of the day, I’m still alive and immortal.

But you fool yourselves into thinking that immortality is great, as if you will never die. But you are wrong. The world around you will weaken and die, but you’ll still be alive. Life and death go together, and you can’t have life without death.

But I will be here long after you die.

How Am I Feeling?

You ask me how I’m feeling
But you won’t like the answers that I will give
Not because you want to hear a lie
But because you don’t want to hear the truth

How am I feeling
You probably could care less about how I’m feeling
Because I am never as happy
As you want me to be