Take 1 (StoryADay Post)

Today, someone died. No one mourned his death, seeing as his death wasn’t something to be mourned over.

Not when everyone he met hated him.

He never intended to make any enemies; no one intends to make people hate him. But when it came to some of the things he did, it just rubbed some people the wrong way, so to speak.

So in that way, he did make many enemies, people who didn’t like the way he lived his life.

Also, there were some people who didn’t like who he was. His mother was criticized for choosing to raise him when she should have given him up for adoption. That part also gained him some enemies.

There was the part about his mental illness, which had some people questioning his mother’s decision to raise him instead of sending him to a mental hospital like many of the families who were in the same position as him. That too made him some enemies.

but his death at the shockingly early age of 19 years did not come as a surprise to most people, as they hated him for various reasons. The police claimed that the man’s death was a murder, and with him being hated by the people in the community, anyone could have done that deed.

Yes, someone died today. No, no one mourned his death.