What if I was in the high school marching band? (StoryADay Post)

Kansas State University Marching Band marching...
Kansas State University Marching Band marching on the football field at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often wondered “what if I had chosen the high school marching band over what I had done in high school”. I had played the clarinet in elementary school and sang in the choir in the eighth grade. I had tried out for the flag team during my freshman year of high school.

Well, I should have gone with my first choice instead of turning down what would have been an opportune moment.

Had I stayed on the flag team, I would have accomplished more than I did.

First, I would have had a different set of friends, friends who would have pushed me to better myself instead of leaving me by myself. These friends would have broken down the walls that I have set up around myself and prevented me from slipping back into my own make-believe world (which I was notorious for doing whenever I wasn’t among people).

In addition, I would have enjoyed going to the football games and performing there. I would have stayed in the marching band for the next four years and continue to perform in parades and such instead of staying home in my own world.

Ok, that’s enough of that. I won’t bother talking about what-ifs that never happened. On the other hand, if I could go back in time and tell myself to join the high school marching band, I would do that in a heartbeat.


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