Secrets & Lies

“Did you get what you wanted?” said Mara.

“Yes,” said Stuart.

“Then let’s get out of here,” said Irene.

Once again, Stuart Greer, Mara Llewellyn, and Irene Haughton were poking their noses into the mystery known as Tanya Shinnok. Even though most of the city had forgotten about her, the trio was determined to make sure that that mystery did not go unsolved.

Even if they had to solve that mystery by themselves.

Earlier that day, Stuart was able to use his new father’s connections in order to get his hands on a very important file that was held by the court. A file would be able to determine if Tanya Shinnok was actually a real person or not. There had been a recent news article on the comedy website Stale Grapes News that implied that Tanya was not even a real person at all, but a made up character from a web show.

Of course, many people were angry about that, as if they needed a reason to get angry about Tanya at all. Most of those people had bullied the girl and labeled her friends as the “Teen Rebels” as punishment for being friends with said bullied girl.

But with Stuart’s theft of the secret file about Tanya, many people who would find out about the theft would do anything to keep that secret a secret. That meant that the three remaining Teen Rebels would have to dodge a variety of threats in order to expose the truth about Tanya.

They couldn’t afford to mess this up now.