Find Something New to Do

English: Ares Gaming console front View
English: Ares Gaming console front View (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Red warning lights flashed on the console.

“GAAAAHHHH!” Michael Darius “Bailey” Brentmore Junior yelled as he stared at his gaming system. After playing with it for nine years, the system was about to give out. “Why do things like that always happen to me?”

“Because you like to look at naughty pictures on Tumblr,” said Colin as he stared at the dying console.

“I heard that!” Melissa snapped at Colin. “Colin, you know that that is not true! Plus, you know that Bailey would NEVER even consider looking at a dirty picture on the internet, not when the thought of physical contact makes him want to step on a King Cobra. Besides, don’t you have anything else to do instead of bothering your brother?”

“Why can’t I hang out with him?” said Colin as he watched Melissa beginning to take apart the console and fix it. “What? Is he that disabled that I can’t hang out with my own brother?”

“When did you find that out?” said Bailey. To Melissa, he said, “You can’t protect him from that kind of knowledge forever. He’s going to have to know about it sooner or later.”

“You two need to find something else to do instead of being indoors on the computer all the time,” said Melissa. “It’s not healthy. There’s a park that’s right across the street from here, so why don’t you guys go play there while I try to fix this thing?”

As Bailey and Colin left the room, Melissa found herself fuming; her life couldn’t have gotten worse since she came to Burbank. Was she truly doomed to twist her brothers’ arms just to make them do what she wanted them to do?