The Object of the Story (StoryADay Post)

In the future (preferably around 3015), an object was discovered in the ruins of an old and decrepit building. The building was located in a city that had long been abandoned and the people who lived in the city had all died out.

But the object in question couldn’t be determined, as it had tons of little buttons on its surface and a cracked screen.

Many of the people who looked at the object determined that that object had to be some kind of electronic device, as the object had a slot in it where batteries would go and a place where it could be plugged into a wall. But use of electronic items had ceased nearly 500 years before the object was found.

But what was the object that was found? What was going on in the world when the object was first created? What if there were more objects out there like the object that was found?

The answer might never be revealed.