This happened during class (StoryADay Post)

United States map with Missouri Compromise Lin...
United States map with Missouri Compromise Line. Legend: Free states as of 1850 Slave states as of 1850 (not including Texas claims surrendered in Compromise of 1850) Border slave states that did not later secede in 1861 Territories (with eventual state boundaries superimposed, and including later Gadsden Purchase of 1853) Missouri Compromise Line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right now, I am sitting in class, waiting for the teacher to begin teaching.

I don’t know why I’m learning about the Missouri Compromise when there are rumors about Tanya Shinnok possibly being someone’s imaginary friend circulating throughout the school. I bet that some people who are forced to sit in the back of the class are discussing that story right now.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and a note fell onto my desk. I read it and it said, “What do you think about the story of Tanya not being real?”

I wrote back, “I am not even going to respond to this crap about Tanya Shinnok, as it is cutting into my education. I suggest that you find someone who is interested in wasting their school time and leave me alone!

I sent the note back with an angry scowl towards the classmate who dared to send me the note in question. The kid had a sad look on her face, as if I had turned down her offer for a date. I’m not interested in dating any girls, thank you very much!

Meanwhile as the class continued, I chanced to hear the discussion about Tanya becoming more and more heated, as if the debate was taking on a life of its own. Kids who grew up hearing the story about Tanya Shinnok and her friends the Teen Rebels were now starting to doubt the validity of those stories. If Tanya wasn’t real, then that meant that the Teen Rebels weren’t real either.

Someone had lied to us about Tanya. Someone had told us things about her that weren’t true at all. Tanya isn’t real, according to the rumors.

So that meant that Mara Llewellyn, Stuart Greer, Irene Haughton, and Pearl Tanner were nothing more than four innocent kids who were forced to play some sick person’s cruel game.

Because that’s all it was. Just a sad little game.

Exactly like the Missouri Compromise.

That too was a sad game that was played in order to keep African-Americans living in Missouri as slaves. But like the story about Tanya Shinnok, which turned out to be a fake, the Missouri Compromise fell apart during the Civil War.

And that is another story.