A dark, messed-up fairy tale (StoryADay Post)

English: A Fairy Tale by Dorothy M.Wheeler
English: A Fairy Tale by Dorothy M.Wheeler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was said that for every child that has a good life, there are two children whose lives are filled with nothing but misery.

And the lives of Colleen and Alvin Jaworski are filled with more misery than a sad story.

They had lost their father in a terrible house fire and their mother vanished without a trace. They were shipped off to stay with a cruel grandfather, who saw fit to separate the two children from each other by sending Colleen (along with her brother Hayden and sister Jennie) to stay with a cousin named Petrel, who lived in a small cabin in the woods while Alvin remained with his grandfather.

While Alvin seemed to enjoy a better life with the old man, Colleen suffered the indignity of having to be an orphan. And not only that, she and her older siblings were mistreated by their guardian, not being allowed to leave the cabin at all, not even to go to town.

But one day, the three siblings slipped out of the cabin and went into the woods, where all sorts of dangerous creatures lived. Not only that, but there lived a giant that ruled over the woods and everyone who lived in it. The giant king was a cruel and horrible man who was known to eat people who walked in the woods by his castle.

Colleen knew that she was in trouble when she noticed the giant and went to warn her siblings. Together, they fought the cruel giant and defeated him, but Hayden and Jennie died of their injuries soon after the fight.

After the giant’s death, the woods healed and Petrel was crushed to death by a newly planted tree that grew in the cabin. Colleen decided to spend the rest of her life repairing the woods and helping the creatures that lived in it.