The Grand Adventures of Jacquel Rassenworth, the Meme Girl (StoryADay Post)

I know you all know who I am. I know you also know what I am capable of doing.

I, Jacquel Rassenworth, know how to humiliate my enemies using the power of memes.

Like when a class bully stole other people’s homework and turned it in as his own, I used his school portrait and wrote the words “I AM A BULLY AND A CHEATER” on it. I displayed the picture in the school’s front office.

Safe to say, his reputation was irrevocably ruined and he was expelled from school a few days after my meme prank.

But that’s not all, for I have some more examples of my powers.

Like a few months after my first meme, a girl began spreading false rumors about certain people. I hit her back by writing on her picture “GOSSIP GIRL” and posting that picture in the front office. She was later suspended for her lies.

With that, no one in the school was safe from me and my memes. Not even the teachers would be able to escape from me if they did something bad. But no one knew that it was me making up memes and spreading them all over the school.

In fact, they referred to me as the “Meme Girl”, the girl who used memes to destroy bullies and other bad students. Yet, I was never caught posting memes in the front office for some odd reason.

But when it came time for me to attend high school, I used the Internet to expose people who did things that I didn’t like and made those people into memes. One example was that a bully who everyone was scared of was picking on some kid I knew in my band class and calling him gay. I found a picture of said bully wearing a dress and wrote on it “I AM A BOY WHO LIKES TO WEAR DRESSES“. Well, the other students saw that picture and called him gay, prompting him to stop picking on the poor kid.

Once again, no one knew that it was me who exposed the bully for what he truly was.

The Meme Girl has struck again. And who will she get next?


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