The Adventures of a tablet (StoryADay Post)

English: A Lenovo X61 tablet laptop shown in t...
English: A Lenovo X61 tablet laptop shown in tablet mode, with its built-in stylus out. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The tablet sat on the table, just waiting to be picked up.

It certainly didn’t like being overhandled by the children or left out to be dropped or broken. And if Amy takes one more annoying selfie with the camera, it was going to shut down indefinitely.

The tablet needed a new home. One where it would be respected instead of misused, dropped, or broken, where the kids couldn’t get their hands on it and where Amy couldn’t post any more selfies.

It needed a home where it would be put to its proper use.

But who was going to claim it? Almost everyone had a tablet or a smartphone, and no one was interested in getting another one. Plus, the tablet was a bit bigger than its counterparts and no one wanted a huge tablet.

Little did the tablet know that it was being cleaned out and given away to a kid who was going away to college. The tablet cheered (if inanimate objects could cheer), knowing that it would be safe and also, put to good use.