Don’t Call Me a Dancer (StoryADay post)

I am not a dancer.

To me, dance is just a way to express myself. But when I tell people that I’m part of a dance troupe, they automatically assume that I’m a dancer.

I’m not a dancer. I don’t have the power to make any art with my body. I just like to dance to music.

But does that make me a dancer?


What I mostly like to do is play video games and hang out with my friends, which I don’t get to do very often because I have dance competitions and festivals and stuff to perform in. Most of the people in my troupe are great dancers and people see dance as an expression of art, but I just can’t see it that way.

I’m not a dancer. I’m just a regular teenager who was denied the right to be one because someone saw me dancing and automatically assumed me to be a dancer.

I’m not a dancer. Stop lying to yourselves.