Leaves in a Storm (StoryADay Post)

I’m lost in a field.

Right now, I don’t know where I am, and even if I did, it’s much too late for me to turn back now. I should keep pressing forward.

And I do.

The weather outside quickly changes from sunny to stormy. Rain clouds are on the horizon. I try to fight against my fears of not finding shelter in time for the storm, but it’s no use. I’ll never be found. They have long since forgotten about me. I am completely lost.

The wind picks up; it’s so real that I can feel it slapping me. Stinging me. It hurts even more that I’m in a field where no one can find me or help me. I feel as if I’m done for.

The storm begins, and to me, it’s not a matter if I’m going to be found. It’s a matter of if I’m going to survive.