Why I had to lie

I had to lie because if I didn’t, many people would have gotten into trouble for something they had done.

It began when a girl named Lucy Frey started spreading rumors about some people that I didn’t want to hear about. Mara Llewellyn, Stuart Greer, and Irene Haughton are three of the worst people that ever lived in Harrison Creek. To be fair, they didn’t do anything wrong, except for being friends with a girl named Tanya Shinnok, a girl that that everybody bullied.

That, and not bullying her when everybody else was bullying her.

Yet when they (and several others) disappeared without a trace, people claimed that they were kidnapped by a faceless, nameless coward who wanted Tanya and her friends to suffer. When the police asked me if I knew them, I lied. I wasn’t about to tell them the truth and risk getting many people in trouble.