Hey! It’s Karma

The Diary of an Angel
The Diary of an Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

February 7, 2000

It’s my birthday today! I’m 13 years old.

I’m officially a teenager!

Goodbye, childhood! Goodbye toys, goodbye imaginary friend called Gruddly, and good riddance to dresses!

Seriously, I hate wearing dresses. (I’ll explain why in a later post.)

Anyway, it’s time for you all to know who I am. I am Jedidiah Marcus Anthony Hamilton, the son of Edwin and Lucinda Hamilton. My twin sister is Jemima and my younger brother is Kieran. (There’s also my cousin Reinaldo; but he lives with us because his mother is crazy. But let’s not start.)

I live in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Our house is a typical house, with a white-picket fence. I am an all-American boy with blonde hair, white skin, and blue eyes.

Yet, that’s not all I am.

Anyhow, mom is calling me downstairs, as my birthday party is about to begin. I’ll be back later!

Limited Creativity

English: Prestige-sunglasses.
English: Prestige-sunglasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw the girl wearing sunglasses standing behind me. She was tall, with alabaster white skin and blood-red hair. She was wearing a long black dress with black stilettos.

I found myself growing nervous; I heard rumors that Joanna Norwood wasn’t what she appeared to be. Not if she dressed in black. I prayed that she didn’t notice me.

It was too late; she saw me.

“I know who you are,” she said to me.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m Johannes McCann. I’m in your science class.”

“I see,” said Joanna. “I know you’ve been staring at me, like you know something about me.”

“I’ve been hearing some rumors about you,” I said nervously. “People are saying that you’re…you’re a vampire.”

“Oh, is that so?” Joanna laughed. “Well, let me show you.” She pulled off her sunglasses and I screamed in horror.

It turned out there was nothing behind her sunglasses.

The Exploding Peanut

Three-lobbed peanut
Three-lobbed peanut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What just blew up?”

Stuart, Mara, Irene, and Pearl wondered to themselves as they were reeling from hearing an explosion down the street. They were driving around the neighborhood in their golf cart, looking for clues that could point them to their missing friend/ringleader, Tanya Shinnok.

But something had exploded, and the kids hoped that it wasn’t their secret clubhouse. That clubhouse had been a staple of the city of Harrison Creek, Oregon; nobody could get rid of the old trailer that served as the unofficial playhouse removed from the backyard of the house where Janice Fraser once lived with her family.

Mara frowned as she noticed that a crowd had gathered near the driveway of that house in question. The family living in the house were evacuated. The Teen Rebels stepped out of the golf cart and walked towards the backyard.

There was a huge hole in the backyard.

Who do you say I am

Who do you say I am

You see me as a disabled helpless person who can never take care of herself

But that’s not what I see


I see someone who is strong, smart, brave, and loyal

You see someone who’s stupid, useless, a mistake

And if I’m a useless stupid mistake

What does that make you?


You are blind if you think I am stupid


You do not know who I am


I am smart, brave, strong, and loyal

You are stupid, cowardly, weak, and you would betray your own brother just to save yourself


I’m so much better than you

And you must face that truth