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The Diary of an Angel
The Diary of an Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

February 7, 2000

It’s my birthday today! I’m 13 years old.

I’m officially a teenager!

Goodbye, childhood! Goodbye toys, goodbye imaginary friend called Gruddly, and good riddance to dresses!

Seriously, I hate wearing dresses. (I’ll explain why in a later post.)

Anyway, it’s time for you all to know who I am. I am Jedidiah Marcus Anthony Hamilton, the son of Edwin and Lucinda Hamilton. My twin sister is Jemima and my younger brother is Kieran. (There’s also my cousin Reinaldo; but he lives with us because his mother is crazy. But let’s not start.)

I live in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Our house is a typical house, with a white-picket fence. I am an all-American boy with blonde hair, white skin, and blue eyes.

Yet, that’s not all I am.

Anyhow, mom is calling me downstairs, as my birthday party is about to begin. I’ll be back later!