The Blank Message

English: A stack of copy paper.
English: A stack of copy paper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A blank space sat on a huge piece of paper.

Irene saw the paper and thought to herself now who sent me a piece of paper with nothing written on it? Was it one of those messages that was written using invisible ink? She began looking around the paper for the secret message, but there appeared to be none.

For some odd reason, no one thought to actually write her the message.

Irene stared at the envelop with her name on it. It appeared that either the person had written the message using a white crayon or coloring pencil or it was nothing more than a cruel joke. No one would be that stupid to write her a message and then send her a blank piece of paper.

Or were they?

Irene gathered the paper and the envelop; she had to find Mara and tell her about the message immediately.