Second Thoughts (StoryADay Post)

The man stared at the woman’s purse; the purse was filled to the brim, but not with money. The man knew from years of experience that people who filled their pockets, purses, and bags to the point of overstuffing had something to hide.

In short, the woman was hiding something in her purse.

The man knew that pickpocketing was a bad habit, one that needed to be broken, but how could he break that habit when he spent many years living in poverty stealing from other people? He often stole from people who wouldn’t miss the stolen item. That was how he was about to survive years of living in poverty.

Now he was in a stable job with plenty of money, but he couldn’t shake off that bad habit of stealing; not when the purse in question was right in front of him.

He reached for the purse and snatched an item from it, knowing that the item that the woman was hiding would get her into some serious trouble.