In a different world (StoryADay Post)

“OK, what just happened here?”

Juniper Chadwell stared at her surroundings; when last she checked, she had snuck into the abandoned house behind the other houses while ditching classes. She had intended to stay there for a while until the chaos that was caused by her poor decisions died down.

Little did she know that the moment she stepped into that house, the world she once knew would be changed forever.

Or why don’t we say this? Juniper fell asleep in a huge coat closet of the abandoned house, but woke up in a completely different room.

The room had a chest of drawers, a mirror, and a huge double bed. The room was decorated in colors of gold and purple. The room had to be in a castle or something like that. Juniper looked out the window and saw that the place outside was surrounded by smoke, as if there had been a fire while she was asleep. Juniper grew upset; this was not the neighborhood where she was hiding. In fact, it was a completely different world, a world that only existed in her imagination. How did she get there?

There was no way she was going back home now.